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Full Changelog

PUBG Mobile has become one of the most popular smartphone games of all times. The game is free coque ourson samsung j3 2016 to download and highly engrossing which has led to its wild success. A couple of months ago, the game received an update that introduced zombies which further contributed to its gravure coque iphone 4 popularity. The company is now set to roll out another update, v0.12.0 of the game which brings new weapons, game modes and enhanced zombie mode.

PUBG Mobile v0.12.0 Changelog

Spectate Friends As the name suggests, the coque samsung j3 alice au pays des merveilles feature will allow users to spectate live matches of their friends. Even though the spectating feature was previously available, it coque iphone 4s coque iphone xs anime was limited only to teammates who were part of the same squad in a given match. The new update will allow users to spectate friends even if they never coque samsung a40 entered a match with them. Undoubtedly, this long demanded feature which will further boost the popularity of the game.

Survive Till Dawn This coque samsung galaxy j3 2016 kenzo feature is concerned with the aforementioned zombie mode which is coque j3 2016 samsung gateau very famous amongst players. This gaming mode coque samsung j5 jul will get coque samsung a8 new weapons and monsters with coque iphone 4s coque samsung a6 marque the latest coque samsung s9 update which will enhance its engagement factor. The new weapons that are added in this mode include the RPG 7 rocket launcher and Liquid Nitrogen grenade. The nitrogen grenade will freeze the zombies which will make them easier to kill.

Darkest NightOne noteworthy change the latest update introduces is the Night In coque walking dead samsung j5 2016 this mode, the players will not only need to survive the zombie rush but they need to stay in confined sections. As the toxic gas outside buildings will rapidly q coque pour samsung galaxy j5 2017 deteriorate health.

Spring Theme As the name suggests, the new update brings the new spring theme to the coque rosace samsung galaxy j5 gameplay. Even though this change is only cosmetic which does coque samsung j5 2017 dont thouch my phone not alter any functionality, it is a desirable change coque iphone 4s qui mange la pomme for users whose eyes have become sore playing in the same environment continually.

Rollout Date

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The official statement from the team at PUBG states that the game will coque samsung j5 2015 en silicone be taken etsy coque iphone 4 offline for maintenance on April 16, from 00:00:00 to 08:00:00 (UTC). The new version of the game will be available starting the 17th of April. Players who download the update before 23rd of April will get Outfit Box III and 1,888 BP reward points…

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